Dating someone whose parent has cancer

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"), so I considered myself lucky to have a boyfriend who could watch me break down in tears and hold me sympathetically without making inappropriate comments or breaking down himself.

In a cruel twist of fate, I got a taste of the other side when a doctor diagnosed his mother with cancer less than a year after I lost my dad.

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I've had boyfriends in the past who weren't the consoling kind ("? 100 Cancer Resolutions: Stephanie Sliekers writes about taking time to enjoy and indulge.A Melanoma Journey: Sam is a “20-something year old Canadian who likes dogs, hiking and cross country skiing.” She was also diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma in February 2014.Consumed with all things cancer, my wife and I never asked her and her younger sister, Daniela, who was 13 at the time: "How are you doing?"Many families find themselves in a similar situation: parent with cancer, teens in the house, not a lot of cross-generational conversation.

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