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The serial numberis really what is the problem as it doesn't fit in wiht the other descrptions of the amp. they probably date from the early 70's and were intended for use with bass I doubt they were originally fitted to that amp which probably dates from the same sort of era eg early 70's.

My impression was the number stamped on the chassis was more important at dating it than the one on the rear of the cabinet. My vox ac 30 has this charatteristics Serial Number 3896It hasn't the voltage switch,it has the valve rectifierit has the grey pannelit has 2 speaker celestion g12m 8ohm 25W 55Hz bass resonance (i can't find also this speaker)!! I have any photo but i can't upload it Can you help me? When you get them uploaded, copy the links from the photo sharing website into your post, using the "Img" button (it is one of the buttons available to you when you post a reply). The easiest way to post pictures to the board is to upload them to any one of the photo sharing websites.: AC/30Serial No.: 11656 BThe information on the chassis is: Model No.: AC30/ 6SER No.: 04433 With, I am sure it is “BASS” written in red paint/ ink A HUNTS capacitor with maybe a date code of YUT KD (remainder obscured) is fitted I have attached a number of photo’s below carrying handles are a mix, as well as the corner protectors, with black and plain steel used The air vents are not the ribbed type used I believe used in early 1963I would really appreciate your views on this.

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