Is jessica simpson dating tony romo

He threw a career-best 36 touchdown passes that season. So if Jessica Simpson was holding him back, it manifested himself in 19 interceptions.

Prescott, who supplanted Romo as the starter during the preseason, has no interest in recalling that sore point in Cowboys history. and his fellow Giants receivers’ party trip to Miami over the weekend — a 2017 sequel to Tony Romo’s infamous vacation in Cabo a week before the Cowboys lost to the Giants in the playoffs in January 2008 — Prescott appeared ready to shoot down any controversy Thursday when he was asked if he planned to stay in Dallas during the bye week.Romo, tight end Jason Witten and linebacker Bobby Carpenter were heavily scrutinized for their couples vacation to Mexico — including Simpson, the pop star Romo was dating at the time — the week before the game against the Giants.Wearing a printed, off-the-shoulder peasant dress and stacked heels, she settles into a booth at her favorite Dallas bistro.(Romo is off playing golf but shows up at the end of the interview to greet her with a big purple and green stuffed animal. This time I said I wouldn't make another album unless it's country. I think what [the songwriters] liked was that I was open.

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