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Rex told her to "sod off", which so enraged the old woman she promptly rolled up her programme and hit him with it.Fellow actor Stanley Holloway, who witnessed the scene, remarked that it was the first time "the fan has hit the s***! Like the character he played in the 1945 film film The Rake's Progress, Rex Harrison was quite simply a bounder. When he last appeared on the stage in London in the Eighties, a promising young female member of the cast sought a private word with him and was foolish enough to suggest he was getting a line slightly wrong.I ask about the stylized moniker, bracing for an eye roll.“Anybody would get sick of that question, especially if you’re being asked 45 times every day, but I’m the asshole who put it there,” she says. before finishing high school with the ambitious goal of establishing herself as a recording artist. Shortly after landing in the City of Angels, she made the acquaintance of Lukasz “Dr.

The pair was spotted sucking face last night at Hyde Lounge in Park City, Utah during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.If you have listened to either of these two before, can you imagine what happens when they get together?age American Idol Babies birthday Britney Spears Celebs Dating Celebs Fashion Charity Charlie Sheen couples divorce Drugs DWTS Exclusive!“It comes and goes, and it buys you shit,” says the 23-year-old pop sensation known to the public as Ke$ha.“But it’s a manmade creation, so I don’t let it rule my life.” Then she grins, flashes her wide blue eyes, and says, “I fucking money.” Which isn’t entirely inaccurate, judging by how she spells her name, at least.

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  1. Many newbies to Thailand are are basically nerds with money who also have no idea the ways people can manipulate you into believing whatever it is THEY want.