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However, it is new research that is now reviving these ideas and, particularly, we are seeing the interplay of our biology and psychology.New research is showing that birth order can predict health consequences.

‘I’m not one to run out and buy a birthday gift at the last minute,’ says the eldest of four.They’re high achievers and choose solid, established professions such as law, medicine, education or accounting, rising to leadership positions.Check out the birth orders of the leaders of the five major parties in Canada’s recent federal election: Stephen Harper is the eldest of three; Michael Ignatieff and Elizabeth May the elder of two; and Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe the eldest of four. This doesn’t surprise Tucson, Ariz., psychologist Kevin Leman, author of a series of books on birth order including .‘First-borns will always rule,’ says Leman, who has often appeared on Oprah, The View and many other TV talk shows.Various studies have shown that first-borns are two to three times more likely than last-borns to become CEOs.

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